Private Label Program

Samples - Wedding Favors / Gifts

Personalized sauces for wedding favors, wedding gifts, reception gifts, wedding showers, save the date notices, invitations

Completely unique, surprisingly affordable, fast and quick delivery

This is not one of those choose from one of our layouts and we will put your last name here

Completely design the style and look for your lasting memory including a choice of flavors (habanero, cayenne, jalapeno, garlic, peach, lime)

Call us right now at (800) 588-8979 to find out how fun, easy and affordable this can be



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Wholesale Program

Increase your profits with novelty items and unique gift sets
Pallet-load shipping cuts your costs
Large wholesale selection of Hot Sauce Collector items
We are EASY to work with. Let us show you now

Private Label

Create extra sales and profits with our exclusive Private Label program
Call us at 800.588.8979 or request more info
We'll make it EASY to put your name or brand on the tip of their tongues!

Personalized Hot Sauce

Put your name, logo or picture on any bottle of hot sauce
Great for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding favors, any special occasion
Check out these fun examples of what YOU can do

Drop Ship

Large inventory of in-stock items
Fast and efficient shipping
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