Private Label Examples

— Sysco Restaurants and Food Trucks

Are you a Sysco customer? You can order your own custom label hot sauce directly through Sysco.

You can also order custom label salt and pepper grinders through Sysco.

Or you can get the Hot Sauce Harry’s table brands directly through Sysco.

Sysco Hot Sauce, Salt / Pepper Grinders

Tired of letting your customers drown your culinary creations with vinegar and water?HS5L_ShrimpBasket

Build loyalty with your own branded hot sauce

Put your label on the table!

Create an extra revenue stream in your logo shop

  • Your brand in your customer’s fridge
  • Your brand on the tip of their tongues
  • Attractive gift sets

Quality ingredients – consistent flavor

Hot Sauce Harry’s is one of the largest private label hot sauce manufacturers in America. We’ve produced and shipped millions of bottles since our founding in 1994. And we have followed that up with many, many awards for flavor and packaging.Sysco Hot Sauce, Salt / Pepper Grinders

Hot Sauce (5oz)

HS5C - Cayenne Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - HardysHS5X - Extreme Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - HardysHS5H - Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz) - Costa Vida Fresh Mexican GrillHS5H - Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Los Tres AmigosHS5H - Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Quince GrillHS5H - Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Uncle Gertrudes CafeHS5H - Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Milagro CantinaHS5J - Jalapeno Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Milagro CantinaHS5H - Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Webers PubHS5J - Jalapeno Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Webers PubHS5G - Garlic Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - BoardwalkHS5C - Cayenne Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - BoardwalkHS5CA - Cajun Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Crawfish ExpressHS5CA - Cajun Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Swampwater GrillHS5X - Extreme Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurant - Golden ChickenHS5H - Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz) - Restaurants - Clean Eatz

Hot Sauce (6oz)

HS6C - Cayenne Hot Sauce (6oz) - Restaurant - Primo

Salt & Pepper Grinders

GRDSL - Salt Grinder - Restaurant - GeckosGRDPL - Pepper Grinder - Restaurant - GeckosGRDSL - Sea Salt Grinder (5.64oz) - Restaurant - HardysGRDPL - Black Peppercorn Grinder (2.64oz) - Restaurant - Hardys

Gift Sets

Sell in your logo shop next to your logo tee’s

5HS - Five Pepper Pack - Restaurant - Capt Eddies
2R8 - Salt/Pepper Two Pack - Restaurant - Geckos

Private Label Hot Sauce

Any business, restaurant, retail, promotional product

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Private Label Program

  • Industry affiliations
    • asi/61826
    • ppai/229041
    • sage/66278
  • We are experts in promo products industry
  • Promote your HOT product, service or event
  • Use as corporate gift
  • Use as tradeshow giveaway
  • Restaurants: Build brand loyalty
  • We'll make it EASY to put your name or brand on the tip of their tongues!

Personalized Hot Sauce

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ASI/61826 -- PPAI/229041 -- SAGE/66278