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R16B - Sweet BBQ Dry Rub (pint)

Sweet BBQ Dry Rub (pint)

Plastic Bottle with Shaker Top

BBQ flavored spices, herbs, and a great hickory smoke flavor with chili pepper seasoning. Rub generously on both sides of your favorite beef, pork, or chicken. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours, then slap on the grill or smoker and enjoy the full flavor!

Heat Level: Mild
Flavor Profile: Southern

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Cajun Dry Rub (pint)

Plastic Bottle with Shaker Top

The ultimate seasoning for true Cajun flavor! For meat, eggs and Cajun Fries. For deep Fried Cajun Turkey, rub on skin and in chest cavity before deep frying.

Heat Level: Medium
Flavor Profile: Louisiana

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R16C - Cajun Dry Rub (pint)
R16S - Steak/Rib Rub (pint)

Steak/Rib Rub (pint)

Plastic Bottle with Shaker Top

Full flavor from savory spices, garlic, celery, sugar, onions, and parsley. Rub generously on both sides of your favorite steak or rack of ribs. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours, then grill or smoke and enjoy.

Heat Level: Mild
Flavor Profile: Midwest

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Chili Mix

Hot Sauce Harry’s Chili Mix (2.7oz)

2.7oz pouch inside Kraft/Brown box

This special chili powder blend has won numerous chili cook-offs and championships. Blend contains chili peppers, onion, garlic, jalapeno (for a little kick). An easy recipe for great tasting chili is on the box.

Heat Level: Mild
Flavor Profile: Texas Championship

CM - Chili Mix

Salt / Pepper

GRDSL - Salt Grinder

Hot Sauce Harry’s Coarse Sea Salt Grinder (5.64oz)

Convenient ‘grinder’ top. Straight from the salt beds of the Mediterranean Sea.


Hot Sauce Harry’s Whole Black Peppercorns Grinder (2.64oz)

Our finest quality sun dried black peppercorns have a bold and robust flavor. Convenient ‘grinder’ top releases the full and fresh flavor of the peppercorn.

GRDPL - Pepper Grinder


T8FJ - Fajita Topper

Hot Sauce Harry’s Fajita Topper

A blend of tex-mex spices to enhance your signature grilled fajitas

Hot Sauce Harry’s Potato Topper

A blend of butter, hickory smoked bacon and chives to top the perfect baked potato. Also great on your potato soup!

T8PT - Potato Topper
T8PC - Popcorn Topper

Hot Sauce Harry’s Popcorn Topper

A sweet and salty kettle style blend for your popcorn

Hot Sauce Harry’s Pizza Topper

A spicy blend of Italian herbs to kick up your favorite pizza slice. Sprinkle onto your spaghetti or any Italian dish. Also mix with olive oil to make a tasty bread dipping sauce.

T8PZ - Pizza Topper
T8HD - Hot Dog Topper

Hot Sauce Harry’s Hot DogTopper

A traditional Chicago style hot dog topper with celery salt and spices.

Hot Sauce Harry’s Hamburger Topper

Mix this blend of garlic, crushed black pepper, paprika, onion powder, and thyme into your ground beef to make your best grilled burgers.

T8HB - Hamburger Topper
T8FF - Frency Fry Topper

Hot Sauce Harry’s French FryTopper

A tasty blend of spices to make the best fries you’ve ever had.

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Personalized Hot Sauce

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