Private Label Tips, Techniques, Templates

Your private label needs to be a masterpiece that reflects and promotes your brand

Label Design


Certainly you can drop your logo on a white background and we can run with it. But your label can be so much more.


Our artists are the best in the business. Let us take your logo, any picture, or even your idea and turn it into a stunning label worthy of your brand or event.


If you still want to design your own label — contact us for the template. We have a template for each product that reflects the correct nutritional and ingredient info required by the FDA.

800-588-8979 or

Design Tips

All labels are full color, full bleed.

On the template, there are two “guide boxes”. Both should be removed before submitting.
— The center guide box is for the primary logo / mark. This guide box represents the portion of the label that is visible if the product is inside a gift set or sitting on a shelf.
— The left guide box is available for additional marketing/branding opportunities. This space can contain contact info, website, phone #, email, event date, catchy slogan or anything you want.
— The right side of the label is reserved for nutritional / ingredient info.

You do not have to fit your graphics into either guide box. You have complete freedom over the entire label. Feel free to change any colors, fonts, sizes.

Solid color backgrounds do not work as well as you might think – especially darker shades including black. Add a creative flair and a memorable impression to your label by using a striking pattern or even a full color picture as your background. Full bleed background across the entire label including the right side nutritional / ingredient info.

Artwork Checklist

  • ALL fonts / type converted to outlines
  • ALL art uses CMYK workspace (not RGB)
  • No low-res images from the web (72dpi)
  • ALL raster images must be flattened CMYK 300dpi .eps files and sized to final size
  • ALL raster images are embedded – no links
  • ALL Pantone color (PMS) converted to CMYK
  • Files saved as .eps file Adobe Illustrator CS4 ver 14.0.0 or lower
  • No masking graphics / images outside of bleed line

Private Label Hot Sauce

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Personalized Hot Sauce

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